About Us

NAWF has proved throughout ten years that it is the main platform for supporting Arab women in their ongoing struggle to break prejudices and break through the glass ceiling. Women in the region has achieved success despite social barriers, they overcame stereotypes and funding barriers, and embarked in actively serving their countries’ economies. It’s no news that women’s entrepreneurial boom sparks optimism around a future where they will play a vital role in the economic evolution and Arab governments are now looking into boosting the economic power of women in society. The region is witnessing a coming together of a variety of socio-political factors and joint efforts creating a momentum towards greater opportunities for female entrepreneurs.

NAWF: In short

Under the patronage of HRH Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein, wife of HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, NAWF was first launched in Dubai in 2007, and then moved to Beirut where it's being held since 2008. NAWF has now established itself as a pioneering, widely attended annual event in the region, and building on its huge success, our aim is to continue to develop it and to widen its scope, impact and authority in the Arab world.

Our mission

  • Voicing the hopes, aims and concerns of the Arab contemporary woman, including her self-esteem and image perception
  • Empowering a New Generation of Arab Women Entrepreneurs
  • Women Empowerment through Entrepreneurship & Innovation
  • Bringing to the lime light woman status, and the path-breaking transformation underway
  • Analyzing the transforming role of women, its future impact on Arab society and the economic role of women
  • Considering the challenges ahead

A unique platform

NAWF is an ideal platform for open and lucid discussions of the many vital issues concerned with the evolving role of woman in Arab society, political life and business, as well as prospects and challenges.

The forum’s success is such that it has brought together more than 2500 high-profile speakers and participants from nearly 30 countries over the last 10 years, including first ladies, government ministers and public officials, entrepreneurs, business leaders, social scientists, writers and journalists, artists and actresses, heads of NGOs and other social institutions, amongst others...

Our Cause

We at Al-Hasnaa Magazine believe that women’s issues are today a cause common to all Arab communities, and that one of the major prerequisites for the continued advancement of Arab societies is that women should be free of all restraints so that they can play a leading role in economic and social development at all levels and in all fields.

In line with the growing trend towards openness and economic and social reform across the Arab world, the last decade or so has seen the gradual emergence of a new Arab woman after years of under-representation in all walks of life. The new Arab woman is more educated and empowered, and engaged in a whole spectrum of political, social, business and cultural activities and positions.

Arab women are increasingly at the center of this ongoing transformation and major players in it. As business leaders and executives, political and social activists, wealth holders and investors, consumers, and mothers, they are a growing force to reckon with and to take account of.