Randa Farah
رندا فرح
رندا فرح
شريك مؤسس, Lebtivity

Randa is the co-Founder of Lebtivity.com, HR Manager of ZRE - Developers of Beirut Digital District as well as a University Instructor & Trainer.

She won different awards among which "Femme Francophone Entrepreneure 2014", was selected among the Top 20 Entrepreneurs in Executive Magazine in 2015 and was chosen as a woman in business to represent Lebanon in USA for an International Visitors Leadership Program for Women Entrepreneurs in 2016.

She believes that Lebtivity is more than a startup, it's a passion and a mission.

Her secret to success is: "Do what you love, love what you do.

Even when you succeed, keep your femininity and your humbleness!"