Thana’a Al Khasawneh
ثناء خصاونه
ثناء خصاونه
مديرة الاعمال للشرق الاوسط وشمال افريقيا, موغلي

Thanaa is a goal-oriented business executive and professional with solid and diverse work experience in retail business, planning, banking and diplomacy. During the course of her business career, Thana’a has developed extensive experience in several fields as a negotiator with diplomatic and collaborative team building skills; a comprehensive and strategic understanding of training; program management and organizational change; development, execution and business expansion.

Thana’a has held several leading positions in management and marketing, in the Sultan Center, Food Product Company KSC – SAFEWAY and Egyptian Arab Land Bank, Treasury & Investment Department.

Currently, Thana’a acts as the Business Manager for the Levant & GCC areas as well as a business consultant, a professional trainer/facilitator and mentor, mainly in marketing, business management, business development and mentorship.