Ahmed Bayram
أحمد بيرم
أحمد بيرم
المدير الاقليمي للشرق الاوسط وافريقيا, تك ستارز

Ahmad Sufian Bayram is a social entrepreneurship, startup, and collaborative economy activist. He works as Middle East and Africa regional manager at Techstars, a global ecosystem that empowers Entrepreneurs to bring new technologies to market.

For the past five years, Ahmad has played an essential role in supporting Syrian nationals in gaining access to entrepreneurship and building a supportive ecosystem. He is also Jusoor’s Entrepreneurship Program Advisor, Training Bootcamp manager and Techfugees adviser, and Entrepreneur in Residence at Aliqtisadi.com

Ahmad co-chairs many programmes with the aim of empowering Syrian entrepreneurs and advising several startups and non-profit organizations.

He is also founder and CEO of ArabShare and Ouishare’s Arab Language Connector. His website is one of the most prominent blogs in the Arab world that tackles the power of the sharing and collaborative economy.