H.E. Mr. Jean Oghassabian represents the President of the Council of Ministers at the 10th Anniversary of NAWF Women Entrepreneurs
The President of the Council of Ministers, H.E. Mr. Saad Al-Hariri, represented by the Minister for Women's Affairs, Mr. Jean Oghassabian, inaugurated the 10th anniversary of NAWF Women Entrepreneurs (NAWF), which was held at the Movenpick Hotel, in Beirut. About 300 participants from Lebanon and a number of Arab and foreign countries led by former ministers and diplomats, as well as business leaders, service providers, experts, academics, politicians, representatives of governments, multinational organizations and women's organizations participated in the forum.
On its 10th Anniversary NAWF Women Entrepreneurs Set to be held in Beirut on April 12
The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) is witnessing a rise in women entrepreneurs working hard to found companies, create jobs and bolster their countries’ economies; an ultimate proof of their crucial role in achieving sustainable development.
NAWF Women Entrepreneurs on its 10th anniversary
As technology continues to disrupt entire industries around the world, the MENA region is witnessing another paradigm: a flood of women entrepreneurs founding businesses, creating jobs, and bolstering their countries’ economies; an ultimate proof of their crucial role in maintaining a sustainable future and economic growth.
Kathy Shalhoub on success, if you haven’t failed you haven’t tried
Entrepreneurship is becoming a term that is embraced by more and more young women in the MENA region. While previously most youth and women strayed away from it out of fear of failure or lack of encouragement, today more and more women are starting their own businesses.